Frequently asked questions

What fabric is used to make the cushions?

Most cushions are made from Cavalry Twill - 100& British wool - the same fabric used to make military unoforms and Hunt Coats. It is strong and robust and embroiders beautifully. I can also offer cushions made from velvet in a variety of colours.

How does the process work? Do I send you an image?

Contact me with your enquiry through the CONTACT PAGE on the website or call me direct on 07811262859. If you have seen a cushion on the website I can reproduce the cushion in the same colour or in a different colour or size if you wish. I have a library of Hunt Buttons, Racing Silks and Heraldic and Regimental Crests and Cyphers so if you have an idea I can often find the appropriate image If you have a paticular image of your own in mind please send by email or Whatsapp. If you have thoughts about colours etc include these. I will then provide some ideas and we can confirm fabric, size of cushion and image, colour of cushion and piping. I provide a very personal service and we will work together to create a uniqeu and sp[ecail cushion.

How long does it take to make a cushion?

If the artwork is alraedy prepared for embroidery we can make and deliver a cushion within 7 days (usually). If a new image, the time involved wiill depend on the complexity of the artwork. The better the image provided the quicker we will be able to prepare the embroidery. We ask clients to allow 21 days from confirmation of an order to delivery of the cushion. We usually deliver much more quickly than this though we do get rather busy before Christmas!

I can't order direct through the website - how do I order and pay for a cushion?

Every cushion is unique and made to each customers specification. After your initial enquiry through the contact page of the website or by phone we will correspond by email or phone. I will provide a pro forma invoice when all decisions have been made (cushion design, size. colour and piping). Payment is then made via BACS or cheque before embroidery commences.

I have an idea for a cushion. What sort of image do you need me to provide?

The answer is 'the best you can'! If you have a vector that is ideal but if not am image with high resolution. Having said that we will try to work with whatever you are able to provide. I have a library of HUnt Buttons, Heraldic Crest and Regimental Cyphers and if one of these I may be able to provide the image

How much does a cushion cost?

The cost of the cushions are dependenton the complexiety of the design, the amount of artwork involved to prepare the image for embroidery, the stitchcount and the size and style of the cushion. Typically: Hunt Button Cushions range from £125.00 to £160.00; Racing SDilks and Shooting Cushions from£135.00 to £160.00 depending on any text Regimental Cyphers, Family and Heraldic Crests from £160.00 to £225.00 You will receive a full quote before work comences.