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Other Great Ideas!!

Fabulous unique presents: Christmas birthdays , special occasions and celebrations

Fabulous cushions for all occasions 

Monograms; logos; shoots; clubs; businesses; favourite houses, castles and tiger moth planes!!
If you have an idea we will together create the perfect cushion

(Take a minute and visit my gallery showing a few of the
cushions created)

Each cushion is priced individually from £135.00.
A full quote will be provided.

Choose the fabric of your cushion - Cavalry Twill or Velvet -  to begin
the creation of your cushion: 

....If you have any questions complete the contact form
or simply call me on 01386 859 360


Cavalry Twill

The same fabric from which ceremonial Military Uniforms and Hunt coats are made.


100% British Wool. Strong and  robust, it will last a lifetime and more.

Choose from seven colours

Prices from £160.00



Soft & Luxurious,our velvet embroiders perfectly.


Choose from a much wider selection of colours

Prices from £160.00


07811 262 859

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